Club Bylaws


Section I:  Name
The name of this organization shall be known as Crown Sports Rallye Club, Inc. (d.b.a. Crown Autocross Club).

Section II:  Purpose of the Club
To establish rules governing all Club activities; to provide and regulate events for automobiles and their owners; to encourage safe and skilful driving on public roadways; to promote Autocrossing, also known as Solo II or gymkhana.
To own real and personal property that contributes to the purpose of the Club and to assist and cooperate with other such organizations in furthering these purposes.


Section I:  Eligibility
Application for membership shall be in writing, and an applicant shall automatically be approved as a member unless applicant is notified in writing thirty (30) days of application.  Dues shall accompany application.

Section II:  Responsibilities
Members shall contribute in an active manner to the normal operation of the Club: i.e. attendance at the meetings; participation at Club events over and above competing and required course working; assuming an equal share of responsibility in the operation of the Club and its events; and conducting themselves as representatives of the Club in a suitable and sportsmanlike manner.

Section III:  Term of membership
Membership shall be from January 1st through December 31st, or from application for membership until the following December 31st.  In the event membership renewals have not been mailed by December 31st of the membership year, the term of membership will be extended until thirty (30) days after membership renewals for the year have been mailed.

Section IV:  Classification of Membership
A:  Regular Member – One who has made application to the Club, been accepted as a member, and paid the dues.  A Regular Member will fall under one of two groups:
1:  Single Member – One who is an individual, and is entitled to full voting privileges.
2:  Family Member – Part of a family grouping to include a spouse or adult significant other and family members under the age of 18 residing at the same address.  All members of a Family membership who are active participants 16 and over are entitled to full voting privileges.
B:  Honorary Member – Honorary membership may be bestowed upon any person who has done a service to the Club.  This membership shall be bestowed upon the recommendation of any Club member in good standing, by a simple majority vote at any regular or special meeting.  Honorary members have NO voting rights.
C:  Temporary Member – One who has paid the entry fee, with non-member surcharge, to participate in Club events.  This membership is good for that event only, carries with it NO voting rights, and does not qualify the individual for trophies or awards.

Section V:  Disciplinary Actions
Any event attendant acting in an improper or unsafe manner and/or deliberately violating the bylaws of this Club shall be liable for sanctions.  Grievances against any event attendant shall be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee, or the Executive Committee may initiate action on their own.  If, after discussion and investigation, the Executive Committee determines disciplinary action and/or membership termination is warranted, the Executive Committee shall act on its determination.  Disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

·    A probationary period during which further actions will result in the application of a punishment that was determined upon with the imposition of probation.
·    Prohibition from holding a position as a Club officer.
·    Prohibition from acting as an agent of the Club.
·    Termination of membership with NO refund of membership fees.
·    Prohibition from participation in Club activities.
·    Prohibition from future membership.


Section I:  Regular Meetings
Regular meetings shall be held once a month, at a location and time determined by the Executive Committee.  Regular meeting will be held from February to October.  The November meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual awards banquet.

Section II:  Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called at the request of the President or the Executive Committee and conducted after 24-hour notice has been given to a majority of the membership; the majority being based on the number of regular voting members as of the meeting date.

Section III:  Club Officer Elections
The annual meeting of the Club for the nomination of officers shall be the October meeting of each year.  All members must be notified in writing, or by notice on the Club website, five days in advance of the October nomination meeting.  The election of Club officers will be the annual meeting in November.

Section IV:  Voting
Being that a small number of paid members attend general meetings, those attending shall make all Club decisions by a simple majority of the paid members present.


Section I:  Eligibility
All officers shall be members of the Club.

Section II:  Term of Office
Term of office shall be for a period of one year, from January 1st through December 31st.  Members shall not hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms.

Section III:  Elected Positions
A.    President – shall preside at all Club meetings, designate committees when necessary to carry out functions of Crown Sports Rallye Club, oversee the business of the Club, and stay advised of the location and status of all physical property of the Club.
B.    Vice President – shall preside at all meeting when the President is absent, shall maintain the membership roster, and oversee the production of the Club newsletter.
C.    Secretary – shall take minutes at all meetings and is responsible for notifying members of meetings, regular and special.
D.    Treasurer – shall be responsible for all monies entrusted to Crown Sports Rallye Club, for payment of all bills (unless otherwise designated by the Executive Committee), and shall make monthly reports to the Club on its financial status.

Section IV:  Member at Large
The Member at Large shall be the immediate past president, and shall have full voting rights on the Executive Committee.  The Member at Large automatically gives up the right to serve as any other officer for one year.

Section V:  Vacancies
If for any reason the office of President should become vacant, the Vice President shall automatically become President for the remainder of the term.  Vacancies of other offices shall be filled by nominations and a special election by membership of the Club.

Section VI:  Contract Authorization
The Executive Committee may authorize members to enter into contracts.  The board of directors may enter into a contract to secure an event site for a scheduled event.

Section VII:  Board of Directors
The elected officers shall comprise the Board of Directors of the organization.

Section VIII:  Executive Committee
The executive Committee is comprised of the Board of Directors and the Member at Large, and is responsible for the physical property of the Club.


Section I: Annual Dues
The dues are $30.00 for a single membership and $45.00 for a family membership.  Membership fees shall be established by the Executive Committee.

Section II:  Event Fees
The event fees will be established by the Executive Committee, and may be changed throughout the year as existing conditions require.  Non-members will pay a surcharge of $5.00 for temporary membership.  First-time drivers, those that have never previously competed in a Crown event, will be charged $15.00 for event fees and a temporary membership.  In addition, first-time drivers will receive a certificate for a free heat (four [4] additional runs) that may be used at that event or at a later event, which may be in the next calendar year.  Any annual charity/special event will have an event fee as set by the Executive Committee.  The Event Chair, Co-Chair, and Chief of Registration will have their entry fees waived.  The Executive Committee may resend the entry fee waiver if it is determined that one of these individuals did not do enough work to merit the free entry.

Section III:  Equipment Rental Fees
The rental fee that will be charged for the use of Club equipment is to be established by the Executive Committee.  In addition, the Executive Committee can decide what equipment may be rented and establish conditions for the rental.

Section IV:  Bad Checks Received
If any driver or member pays with a check, and that check does not clear the bank, a $30.00 fee will be charged.  Failure to reimburse the Club for the check and fee will result in the individual losing eligibility for trophies and prohibition against participation in future Club events.

Section V:  Operational Funds
The Club shall maintain such funds as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee for operational and insurance expenses for the ensuing twelve (12) months.


Section I:  General Rules
The Club will use as guidelines the rules outlined in the rulebook current for the date of the event except as modified herein.

Section II:  Number of Events Per Year
A.    The Club shall hold a minimum of six (6) points events per year.  There shall be a maximum of eight (8) point events per year.
B.    In addition to, or as part of, the point events the Club may hold charity/special events each year.  The charity benefiting from the event will be determined by the membership.
C.    The Club may participate in an annual "Kansas City Championship: autocross event with the Kansas City Region SCCA.  Costs are to be shared between both clubs as agreed to by the Club Executive Committee and designated representatives of the Kansas City Region SCCA.
D.    The annual schedule will be established in cooperation with the Kansas City Region SCCA to minimize conflict and promote cooperation between the clubs.  The schedule will be published, in at least tentative form, no later than 1 March of each year.

Section III:  Heats and Runs
A.    Events will be organized in heats of up to twenty (20) drivers with the excepting of the first heat, which may be limited to fifteen (15) drivers.  At the discretion of the Event Chair, the number of cars in a heat may be increased in response to attendance and weather concerns. 
B.    Each driver, in a twenty (20) driver heat, may be allowed four (4) or five (5) timed runs.  The first heat, if limited to fifteen (15) drivers, may, at the discretion of the Event Chair, receive five (5) timed runs.  The Event Chair may limit the runs to three (3) per driver if attendance or weather warrant the restriction.
C.    A run is considered to begin at the starter’s position and continue through the slow-down lane.  There fore, drivers will be given an DNF or penalty cones for failure to follow the course after passing the finish line and all cones until the exit of the slow-down lane count as penalty cones.

Section IV:  Classification of Vehicles
The Club will use car classifications as established by the Sports Car Club of America for National recognition.  In addition to those classes the Club will establish a Street Tire Class in which results will be factored according to the SCCA PAX index.  Other classes may be added to allow for added flexibility.  These special classes will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and voted on by members for approval prior to implementation.  New classes will not be added after the second event has been run.  Drivers may elect to have their results moved to any new classes so added before the running of the third event.  Drivers are responsible for knowing the proper classification for their vehicles.

Section V:  Point Guidelines
Drivers will be awarded points based upon their results by vehicle classification according to the following values:

Finishing Position




















10th and remaining


Section VI:  Drivers as workers
Drivers MUST work one heat for every heat in which they run.  Failure to do so will result in the driver receiving NO points for the event and could lead to other disciplinary actions. 

Drivers who fail to complete their work assignment at an event will be required to perform their work assignment prior to their runs at subsequent Crown events.  Repeated instances of missed work assignment are grounds for exclusion from Crown events.

Section VII:  Drivers as riders
Drivers may ride as passengers during the event.  Novices are prohibited from riding with other novices.  All passengers will be approved by the event Chairperson or Heat Safety Chief.

Section VIII:  Noise
Drives must meet local noise restrictions.  If at technical inspection, or later during the event, a driver is determined to have a vehicle that emits an excessive noise level, the driver will be prohibited from further competition until the noise level is adequately reduced.  Club officials that can declare vehicle noise level as excessive include the Chief of Tech, the Heat Safety Chief, and the Event Chair.  Appeals can be made at the event site to Board Members.  The majority of Board Members present, acting together, can either overturn or enforce the restriction.


Section I:  Safety Standards
The Club will use as guidelines the standards outlined in the rulebook urgent for the date of the event except as modified herein.

Section II:  Age Limitations
A.    Drivers will be licensed by their state of residence and meet all restrictions imposed by that license.  For example, if required by the license to wear glasses the driver MUST wear glasses.  Driver permits are not accepted as a license for competition. Junior Cart drivers must be 12 years of age or older.
B.    Local restrictions imposed by the State or locality of the event site for operating a motor vehicle will be met and will supersede the licensing requirement of the driver’s state of residence if these restrictions are more stringent.
C.    Passengers must be 12 or older.  Any passengers under the age of sixteen (16) must have a parent or guardian at the event.
D.    Spectators under the age of 14 are not allowed in the grid area.

Section III:  Unsafe Activities
Drivers must act in a safe fashion while at the event.  Acting in a manner that is a hazard to others or that will cause censure of the Club will result in the removal of the driver from the event site.  Driving above the site speed limit, excessive tire squealing in the pit or on access roads are prohibited.  Use of any controlled substance at the event site is prohibited.  Club officials that can declare a driver unsafe include the Chief of Tech, the Heat Safety Chief, and the Event Chair.  Appeals can be made at the event site to Board Members.  The majority of Board Members present, acting together, may either overturn or enforce the restriction.  Drivers removed for unsafe activities will NOT receive any refund of their entry fee.  Crown may notify other clubs of the driver’s activities and the action taken by the Club.

Section IV:  Canceling of Events
Autocross is a sport rarely limited by weather.  However, in the interest of driver safety, there are times when events will be canceled.  The Event Chair, with the approval of the majority of the Executive Committee present, has the authority to cancel an event if conditions warrant.  An event WILL be canceled if there is standing snow on the ground.  IF there are at least six (6) other points events in the year, the event may, but need not, be rescheduled.


Section I:  Point Accumulation
A.    Regular members must compete in five (5) events in one class to qualify for year-end awards.
B.    Regular members will have the results from the best six (6) of the eight (8) possible events counted towards their year-end total.
C.    Temporary members that become Regular members later in the year may have the two events prior to their membership date counted towards year-end awards.  Example:  If a temporary member becomes a Regular member at the fourth event, any points awarded during the second and third events will be counted.  Points awarded during the first event would not be counted.
D.    Transfer of points between classes is NOT allowed.
E.    Tie breakers will be additional of a seventh event to the point total, and, if necessary, the addition of the eighth event.

Section II:  Awards
A.    A minimum of one award will be awarded per class in which a regular member qualified for the year-end awards by competing in five events.
B.    A second place award will be presented in classes with four or more qualifiers.
C.    A third place award will be presented in classes with six or more qualifiers.
D.    A fourth place award will be presented in classes with nine or more qualifiers.
E.    A "Newcomer of the Year" award will be presented.  The winner will be determined by the Executive Committee.  Members may submit nominations.
F.    A "Cone Monarch" will be awarded.  The winner will be the regular member who has the most cone penalties during the season.
G.    A "Worker of the Year" will be recognized.  The winner will be determined by the executive Committee.  Members may submit nominations.
H.    Members will receive awards for CONTINUOUS membership in increments of five (5) years.
I.    The types of awards and cost limits for awards purchases will be approved by a majority of regular members in attendance at a regular meeting.


These by-laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of a simple majority of the paid members present at any regular meeting of the Club, provided written notice, or by notice on the Club website, of such amendment and the nature thereof shall be given to the members at least fifteen (15) days prior to said meeting.  EXCEPTION:  For any amendment to the by-law made necessary due to a Club emergency, the Executive Committee may amend the by-laws and must present the amendment to the membership for approval or repeal at the next regular meeting following written notification of the emergency amendment.

By-Laws as updated 28 January 2008