Crown Rules and Regulations

This sheet will help autocrossers, novice and experienced alike, understand how an event works and what they are expected to do to help make the event safe, fun and smooth running. Please take the time to read through this list, and follow these guidelines as closely as possible. Once you learn these common sense pointers, you will be able to have more fun!

1. First, and most important, if you don't know or don't understand, Ask Questions. Find a Crown member and ask! They may be wearing their Crown T-shirts, or you may know who some are. If not, go to the timing trailer and find out.

2. All persons on the event site, whether drivers, workers or neither, MUST sign the waiver, which will be located at registration. This includes all guests of participants, children, etc. Everyone must sign the waiver, without exception.

3. No alcohol is allowed in or around the event site at any time! This applies to drivers, workers, and spectators. Remember, the property on which we hold events belongs to someone else, and they expect us to treat it as thought is as our own. Do not litter of foul the site in any way. Portable toilets are available at every event. Use them!!! If only one person violates any of these fair and simple rules, all of us risk the potential of loosing the event site. Please observe these rules, and please encourage everyone around to do so, also!

4. When you sign up for a driver heat (or are assigned one, in the case of class heat running), mark it on your tech slip. Also, all drivers must work at least one heat, or be disqualified. If you would like to work more than one heat, feel free. We can almost always use the help. In addition, remember that the course must be set up in the morning, and taken down in the afternoon/ evening. Any help that you may be able to offer with these two tasks will be most heartily welcomed. When you get your driver heat assignment, you will also sign up (or be assigned) a worker heat. There is also a space to mark this on your tech slip . . please do so! Always know what your driver and worker heats are, so that when they are called by the timing officials, you will be ready. It helps to keep track of what driver heat is on course at any given time, so that you have a reference for your work and drive heats.

5. If the event is being conducted by class-run heats, you will run with all the other cars in your class. You will be notified before the event as to which heats your class will ride and work in the club newsletter, the Kansas City Star Ad in fun on wheels on Wednesday and/or Saturday prior to the event, or in Flyers distributed in advance of the event date. While their will be exceptions made for drivers who show up after their class heat has run, it is discouraged. Try to plan ahead for your attendance at any event. Class heats are very exciting, very fair and make an event run smoothly. In addition, you will know exactly how you placed before you leave the event.

6. Before you can run in your driver heat, your car must go through and pass tech inspection. Make it your business to find our where tech inspection is and who the tech inspector(s) are for the event. It is your responsibility to determine what class your car will run in, as set forth in the rulebook. If you do not have a rulebook, or are unsure as to what class your car is in, please ask the tech inspector(s) to help you with this. It is difficult to class a car when all the result coordinator has is a tech slip. If a class is not indicated on a tech/timing slip, the car may be disqualified or classed incorrectly. Remember it is the driver's responsibility to do this! Current rulebooks may be obtained from Norma Williams at Charlie Williams Import Car Center, 4701 Belinder, Westwood, KS (913) 262-6300 at a cost of $10.00.

7. When your worker heat comes up, report to the timing trailer for a job assignment. Do not assume that you can work where you want. To keep the event moving, and to insure that al drivers get their runs, let the event officials assign you a position. This speeds the changeover time from heat to heat.

8. When you are working a corner, you must pay attention to a couple of simple rules. What corner workers do at an event is very important. Do not sit down while you are a corner worker. While a car is on course, follow it with your eyes, facing the car in motion at all times. At least one worker must keep the red flag in his/her hand at all times. Be ready, upon command from the timing/scoring trailer, to display that flag to a car on course. Know where the nearest fire bottle is, and be prepared to get it and use it. Do not engage in distracting conversation with other workers at your corner while car(s) are on course. When a cone gets hit or knocked over, wait until the car is past, before moving out to reset it. Pay attention, because frequently the driver will return to a missed gate to avoid a "DNF". Also, when more than one car is on course, be constantly aware of the second car's position and approaching speed. If you cannot safely reset the cone before the second car arrives, do not worry. That driver will get a rerun. Always memorize which car(s) got how many cones. It is very important to scoring; and after all, you would want workers to do the same for you on your timed runs. The key is to pay attention and listen to the timing/scoring trailer.

9. Count a cone only when it is knocked over completely, or is still standing, but completely out of the chalk box drawn around the base. Do not count ones that were only brushed, are still standing and touching that chalk box in any way, or that were intentionally laid down to act as "directional cones". If you are unsure about any of these rules, ask an experienced competitor or official before you go out to your corner to work. If you are unsure about a cone situation during your working stint, memorize exactly what happened and have the situation clarified at Timing/Scoring immediately after your work heat is completed. Never red flag a car unless directed to do so by an official or the Timing/Scoring trailer.

10. Should a car fail to negotiate any gate near your work heat assigned location, indicate it to the Timing/Scoring trailer by holding up crossed (X) arms. If you are unable to get their attention, make a mental note of which car it was and where the "DNF" occurred and report it to the Timing/Scoring trailer immediately after your work heat is completed. It is your responsibility, as a worker, to get this information correct and to the timing/Scoring trailer. "DNF", by the way, means "Did Not finish".

11. If you are assigned to work Timing, and you will be if you attend many events, listen to the directions of whoever is in charge of the trailer for your work heat. Timing is not difficult, if everyone working it stays alert, attentive and focused. In fact, on a very hot or wet day, it is one of the best places to be! For those competitors who like to announce, an event is always looking for you. Speak up and ask to be announcer if you have a flair for it! Announcing is on a volunteer basis, but remember, someone needs to do it!

12. When helping to set-up the course, be certain to mark boxes around the cones in such a way that it will be obvious throughout the entire event, where the cone must be replaced. Make the box dark enough that it will not wear-down during the day, and provide a minimum of two (2) inches clear between the cone and the box. Event officials will be responsible for liming the course.

13. One very important thing about autocross: While there are many serious responsibilities associated with driving and working, there is one other important thing to remember. We are all here to have FUN. It is an important aspect of this sport/hobby. Event chairpersons want everyone to have fun at an event. Anything that can be done to insure this will be done. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or problem during your working or driving heat, you are encouraged to tell any Crown member about it. Please, do not hesitate to tell s anything that you feel is important! Results, unless otherwise indicated the day of the event, will be sent to you in the following Crown Autocross Club newsletter: Skidpad. If you should fail to receive a copy, call the contact numbers listed in the event ad in Fun on Wheels. We try to get everyone, but sometimes we miss one or two.

14. Crown Autocross Club of Kansas City would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in this and every event that you attend. Monthly Crown meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:00 p.m. at various locations. Check announcements on home page for the current location. Everyone is welcome, and new members or those interested in joining are encouraged to attend!